Friday, January 20, 2012

Goals for 2012

Happy Friday!!!

I have thinking a lot about the coming year. From this I have come up with a set of
Goals for the coming year.

1. Get back to work - the basis for all of the other goals as they all require money
to accomplish

2. Get back into an apartment of my own - I miss my own space, privacy, furniture
and crafting supplies

3. Purchase a new boxspring and mattress set- mine is in desperate need of

4. Purchase a new TV and TV Stand - mine died a while back

5. A new laptop in PINK!! - my netbook is convenient but in need of an upgrade soon

6. A new car, or new to me atleast - the picture shows my current car choice. This will allow me to get to work, and go see my kids and new grandbabies without having to waste so much time on the Loser cruiser aka the bus lol.

This is a quite extensive list, but once back into the work force all are achievable :)

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