Thursday, April 2, 2015

Something Amazing!!

I have to share with you all this amazing new DIY Gel Polish!!  I saw it on Facebook and I had never tried any Gel polish before. I love nail polish but I have never found one that would not chip right off my nails. I have looked at the ones in the drug stores and found it too expensive, plus you needed a base coat, the polish itself  and then a top coat. I admit I was not willing to put that much into doing my nails. Plus, I was not sure I wanted to use a potentially dangerous UV Lamp as I know someone who had melanoma under her thumb nail.  This is exactly why I wanted to try GelMoment. One coat, 60 seconds under an LED Lamp, done. Wow!! Really?? Yes!!  I bought a lamp, polish, cleansers, removers, files and cuticle pusher. I also believe in having all the tools. lol I set up my stuff, pushed back my cuticles, cleansed with a cleanser wipe, applied one coat of polish on my thumb and put it under the light for 60 seconds..Done  I was blown away it was perfectly dry!!! I finished the rest and loved the results!! I also did my toes and change my polish weekly, not because it has chipped or anything, but I want a new color LOL.

I decided to join this company as a distributor, this company is so new I am 1 of only a few people selling this in Nova Scotia. So I wanted to share it with you all. If you want easy quick, durable long lasting Gel polish, feel free to contact me at If you wan to see more about this product check out my GelMoment website. Thanks for letting me share and I will be back in a while with some more MISTI made cards!!
Have a great Easter Weekend!!

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